A Cup of Tea

"Please have a cup of tea." I wish I could invite you at the moment.

You know, when chat over a cup of tea with friends, I often imagine boundless and try to collect in mind all words, expression in eyes and smile of friends as thought the meeting will never return after saying goodbye. On tea ceremony, I love the parlance "a meeting in a lifetime" which seemly means that one should feel grateful for every time with friends to drink tea together because it might allow no what-ifs and there would be no going back to the beginning.

As you can see, how rare, how grave and how nice the only meeting is to us! Many people often think that life is capricious and fate is hard, so everyone is pursuing happiness and joyfulness. Where is joyful? One is to meet bosom friends again. Judging from this, how many roads must we run and toil down with hardships and full of frustrations before the meeting call us together? Yet, the meeting that touch our hearts become the story of our forty; the smiling that warm our hearts become the flower of our pleasure, angry, sorrow and joy; the silence that inspire our hearts become the accomplishment of all our words significant or vaguely conscious. Ah, here is just a cup of tea and please enjoy it carefully because it has drawn the essence of tea trees to be created by the sun and the earth.

To be honest, we are fortune’s favorite of the brave new world, which gave us a meeting lasting whole four years and made us knowing each other well. What’s more, we would still be perfectly content without bit regret when we had to go each of our own ways, even we could never meet again if highly care and blessing, each in our minds, crystallized. Probably, this is a catch in a lifetime, is not it?